I celebrate you.

I am a San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer with a style that combines elegance and warmth to create beautiful and intimate wedding photos. My focus is creating seamless storytelling in a way that highlights beauty and brings the spirit of the event into every detail. 

It is a special blessing for me to be a wedding photographer. Love and people are my most heartfelt inspirations, and to capture the marriage of these is a living dream. I am passionate about creating a beautiful visual journey of your wedding day.


My Approach

I shoot weddings in a photojournalistic style emphasizing the connection between people. My aim is to provide you with detailed, seamless, and thoughtful coverage of the special moments that create the story of your wedding day. From tear-filled eyes to quiet smiles, from thunderous applause to a silent pause between the newlyweds, I delight in your day. I offer a calm and easy energy through your preparation, ceremony, and reception, quietly allowing the day to unfold in its unique and perfect way while guiding you towards your best light and most free expression of love. You’ll see me smiling and shooting in the corners of the room as I capture the laughs and winks between friends, and getting down on the dance floor with my camera to get the best angle as one toast turns to twenty and Uncle Freddy brings his A+ dance moves to the family dog. And, with a tear in my eye as you make the vows that commemorate the most important day of your lives.


What to expect

My wedding service begins before the event itself. We work together to determine your priorities and sort out the logistics of timing and lighting so that your wedding day can be dedicated to experiencing rather than thinking. Having a plan means we know we're going to get amazing photos, and we're going to know what we need to do to get them! My first career was working as a model on the other side of the lens, and it has taught me a great sensitivity in how I approach photographing people. It has also taught me a lot about posing, so when it comes time for portraits of the couple, family, or bridal party, I am happy to direct and perfect poses to create dynamic and expressive photos that deliver a lifelong wow factor. I help you create the dream photo you have in your head, and actually make it fun to be a part of the creative process.